Turkey unveils the first Turkish-made electric car

Turkey unveils the first Turkish-made electric car

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan revealed
A homemade car, in a move he said would fulfill the dream of the country’s long-standing visitors.

Erdogan said at the ceremony to unveil
About Cars in Kocaeli Industrial District: “Today, we are witnessing a historic day for a dream
Turkey, which lasted 60 years. ”In addition, more than 100 Turkish engineers
The project, he said: “We do not need a license from anyone, we define all features
Technology by ourselves. ”

Erdogan stressed that Turkey will
It deters all efforts to produce her own car. They have “appreciated obstruction
Devrim product of the Revolution (the first car
Locality in Turkey), but they won’t be hindering this car. “

He pointed out that when moving to the serial production of the car in 2022, Turkey will produce the first non-classic sports utility vehicle (SUV) non-classic in Europe, stressing that the infrastructure to ship the local car in Turkey will be fully ready by 2022.

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