Steps to buy a property in Turkey

Steps to buy a property in Turkey

Steps to Buy a Property in Turkey

You can become the owner of the property in a few days. In addition, it is known that the economy of Turkey is so high in growth and prosperity that, in 2013, real estate growth in Antalya rose to 22.62.

Getting Government Papers

Obtaining the buyer's tax number in Turkey - the tax number is the number given to all foreigners residing in Turkey in order to facilitate all official transactions on his or her own name.

Open an account at a Turkish bank

The procedures for opening a bank account is a very simple procedure. All you need is a passport and a tax number. You can open your account in US Dollars, Euros or Turkish Lira, and the minimum $ 1.

Registration of the contract of sale

The purchase contract consists of several items written in English and Turkish, signed by the buyer and the real estate company. When the contract is signed, the buyer pays the seller a sum in order to guarantee that the property will be reserved for the buyer. The amount to be paid by the buyer is estimated to be between 1000 and 2000 euros and also ensures that the intended property will not be sold to another person. After signing the contract, the buyer will transfer the remaining amount of money agreed within two weeks to the bank account of the real estate company and then start the registration procedures and get the taboo.

Receiving a Tabu (Document proving ownership)

Turkey property buyers need the following documents: a copy of the passport, two personal photos and the tax number obtained in Turkey. Note: A copy of the documents should be submitted to all owners whose names have been registered in the taboo. In accordance with the new changes in Turkish law if a foreigner has purchased ownership of this new project before you, you can then obtain a stamp deed within 1-2 days. But previously the registration process for the first buyers in this project took about 6 weeks to wait for a decision from the military ministry in Izmir to know whether the land had any problems or if it was state. By the time of the transfer of ownership (taboo) the full value of the property must be paid, as well as all taxes and charges related to the taboo. The Tabu will be registered at the local Land Registry Office and issued directly to the landlord or his / her representative with the attendance of a member for the translation of the words. After obtaining the papers, the buyer becomes the owner of the property.

Set up the water and electricity meter on your name

Make a water meter and electricity register on your name which is only after the buyer has received the stamp document. We provide our clients with full legal support. You can rely on our company at all stages - before, during and after buying real estate in Turkey. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be with you in all steps and mortgage procedures in Turkey.

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