Reduced fuel prices in Turkey

Reduced fuel prices in Turkey

The Turkish Petrol Station Owners Association announced a reduction in diesel and gasoline prices from midnight tonight.

The Union said in a statement, according to the translation of Turkey now, that the reduction will be an average of 13 piasters per liter of diesel and 10 piasters per liter of gasoline.

The statement added that the price of a liter of diesel at gas stations in the capital Ankara will change from 6.41 to 6.28 pounds, while the price of a liter of diesel will decrease from 6.35 to 6.22 pounds at gas stations in Istanbul, and in Izmir from 6.42 to 6.29 Turkish liras.

As for gasoline prices, changes are controlled by the following: in Ankara from 6.88 to 6.78 pounds, in Istanbul 6.81 to 6.71 pounds, and from 6.90 to 6.80 TL in Izmir.

The decrease in fuel prices is due to the ongoing changes in the average prices of manufactured products in the Mediterranean markets, as well as changes in currency exchange rates against the US dollar, according to the calculations issued by the oil refineries.

It is possible that there is a slight difference in prices between distribution companies in different cities for competitive reasons.

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