New record for tourism in Turkey!

With 52 million visitors during the year 2019, Turkey is achieving a new number

The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced that Turkey hosted 51.7 million visitors during 2019, thus setting a new record.

The ministry said in a statement on Friday that the number of tourists coming to Turkey increased by 14.11 percent in 2019, compared to 2018, generating revenue of $ 34.5 million, and the ministry added that the number of foreign visitors during the past year amounted to 45 million, 58 thousand and 286 foreign visitors.

According to the data of the Turkish Statistics Authority, on Friday, the number of Turkish expatriate visitors to Turkey during the past year increased by 0.98 percent, to reach 6 million and 688 thousand and 912 visitors.

She confirmed that the total number of tourists coming to Turkey reached 51.7 million during 2019.

She pointed out that Russian tourists topped the list of the most visited tourists to Turkey, during 2019, when they numbered 7 million and 17 thousand and 657 tourists, which is equivalent to a percentage increase estimated at 17.65 per cent.

Russia was ranked second in Germany, where the number of German tourists who chose Turkey as their destination reached 5 million and 27 thousand and 472 tourists, with a percentage increase of 11.42%.

And Bulgaria ranked third, with the number of Bulgarian tourists who came to Turkey two million and 713 thousand and 465 tourists, which is equivalent to a percentage increase estimated at 13.68%.

Istanbul topped the most visited cities by tourists with 14 million and 906 thousand and 663 tourists, followed by Antalya with 14 million and 650 thousand and 481 tourists, and then Edirne with 4 million and 348 thousand and 663 tourists.

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