Living Permission (Ikamet)

Living Permission (Ikamet)


  • Residential accommodation is one of the main objectives of the foreign real estate property. The residence permit for foreigners who own real estate in Turkey has been extended from 3 months to 1 year, in accordance with the law that was updated from 11 April 2014 and then two years in March 2017.
    According to the new law, a residence permit in Turkey will no longer be requested by the police from the Foreign Affairs Department. Where it will now be handled by the Directorate-General of the Ministry of Interior from the Immigration Department. At this time all applications will be applied in Turkey. After registration, each document will be sent to Ankara for approval.Residence permit for real estate owners:
    Foreign buyers now have a one-year or two-year residence permit (known as a short-term license). It applies to any home whatever its value.Questions and answers about the permit to stay in Turkey:
    What are the types of permits?
    Types of permits are: Short term permits, family, students, long stay. If you get it for the first time you will need to attend an immigration interview. You can schedule an appointment online here:
    If the permit needs to be extended, you can apply by mail and send your documents to the immigration department.

    What documents and papers do you need?
    There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the individual applying for the permit. However, we can suggest indispensable papers: health insurance, residence application forms, passports, visa, proven address, documents showing your financial status, at least four personal photographs, tax number and title deed (to indicate ownership Your property) if you own a property, marriage certificate (if you are married to a Turkish). You may not need all of this in the end, but it’s safe to assume it for you to be ready.

    What type of health insurance do you need?
    Turkey Now compulsory health insurance is imposed for all residents under the age of 65. Make sure you pay the value of your insurance, specifying the start date of the insurance which is the date you specified in your online order – or as close as you can get -. Your residence permit will be granted only for the duration of your health insurance, so if you have applied for a year’s stay, be sure to pay the value of your health insurance for that period.

    How long will it take?
    Depending on your presence in Turkey, the entire staff will be between two and three months waiting for an appointment to get your permit. Getting an appointment for the interview takes from two weeks to four weeks, and the clearance is between four and eight weeks. If you live in Istanbul, it may take a little longer – two to three months to get an appointment, and from three to six weeks to receive a permit. Another factor about the request for authorization is the extent to which the Immigration Section was busy at the time.
    You should receive a text message confirming your authorization. If the time you applied for was 90 days and you did not receive your permit, you should contact the immigration department in your local district.

    What if you want to divide your time between Turkey and your country?
    There are some restrictions on your permit, so you should be careful if you want to spend a long time away from Turkey.
    – 12-month short-term residence permit and student residence permit set only 120 days outside of Turkey.
    – The two-year family declaration sets 180 days for Turkey.
    – Permanent residence permit is determined only one year away from Turkey.
    There are sometimes exceptions to special circumstances (such as health, education or compulsory public service) but generally your residence permit will be canceled if you continue outside of Turkey more than these specified periods.
    Note that if you want to leave Turkey while your residence application is being reviewed, you can only leave the country for only 15 days. You will need to speak with a local immigration officer.

    What is the purpose of residence?
    You will need to choose at least one reason for your stay in Turkey, and you must have documents that correspond to the reason you want to stay in Turkey.

    Reasons for staying in Turkey:
    Property ownership.
    2- Scientific research.
    3- Business.
    4- Job training and work study.
    5- Educational programs and Turkish language courses.
    6- Tourism.
    7. Medical treatment.

    Do you have to send the original documents?
    Do not send original documents and documents where you will not retrieve them again. Just send color copies by registered mail. If you do not send them by registered mail, they can reply to you again.

    How much will it cost?
    Fees vary depending on where you come from. For most countries (including the United Kingdom, the United States, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) the fees are 235 Turkish lira for the year (equivalent to $ 80 by the end of 2015).
    The fees for other countries vary but as a rule they are all under the value of 235 Turkish lira. Children’s residence permit fees are half the cost of adult permits. You also need to pay an administrative fee of TRY 55.
    You must pay the fees before or at the time of the interview that you specify. Payment can be made at Ziraat Bank, Halk Bank, Vakiflar bank or paid directly to the tax office.
    You will need your tax number and passport when you pay.
    If you have any further inquiries, please contact us.

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