Does the law of ownership of real estate for foreigners in Turkey include citizens of Arab countries?

Yes, according to the Turkish law, all citizens of the countries of the Middle East, as well as citizens of North African countries, are entitled to buy property on the territory of the Republic of Turkey. The property is then registered in the name of the buyer in the land and real estate registry (Tapu ve Kadastro Dairesi) Purchase within Turkey.

How long does it take to buy a property in Turkey and receive a title deed?

The purchase process begins by organizing a working visit for the buyer to Turkey to see the project and sign the purchase contract with the company. Two days are enough to complete this initial step. Registration of the property on behalf of the buyer takes 45 to 60 days. The purchase contract and again to receive the title of the property purchased.

Is it possible to buy without coming to Turkey?

The company does not welcome this. Without the buyers seeing the project, it is difficult to receive any amount from the buyer or to arrange a purchase contract.

Is it possible to send a friend or family member to receive a title deed on behalf of the original buyer?

Yes, it is possible to obtain a personal agency that can be requested from the Turkish embassy in the country where you live outside Turkey.

Can I obtain a residence permit when I own a property in Turkey? Is it possible to practice a profession within this statement?

After completing all the official transactions and receiving the title of the property from the land and real estate department in the city that was purchased in Turkey, you can apply for a residence permit for the whole family. (Family members here: father, mother, wife or husband, Different ages) at the Public Security Directorate in the same city, provided that all persons come to Turkey in person at the time of application. This permit allows the buyer to live and move in Turkey and to enter and leave Turkey. In this residence, he can open a company in Turkey and learn Turkish in a language school. Practicing a specific profession under a job in the private sector requires a review by the Ministry of Labor in Ankara, working permission.

What is the value of a property tax in Turkey, and is it annual?

The property tax in Turkey is 3.9% of the total value of the property, paid only once by the Land Department and the real estate register at the moment of registration of the property on behalf of the buyer and receipt of title deed, which is not annual at all.

Is it permissible for an Arab buyer to sell his property whenever he wishes?

Yes, the Arab buyer has the right to sell his property whenever he wishes and can sell his property to a Turkish citizen or other foreigner. There is no tax payable by the seller then.

Is it possible to buy a property by installments in Turkey?

In this site you will find many projects that give the opportunity to buy installments, without any bank guarantees. You can also obtain a mortgage from a Turkish bank. This requires the following documents: a copy of a personal bank account book from a bank in the country where the buyer resides outside Turkey, a copy of the passport, a pension and information about the company in which the buyer is working In the country of residence.

Is it possible to buy a property in Turkey through financing from an Islamic bank as in the GCC?

Yes, after you receive the necessary financing from your bank outside of Turkey, the full amount or monthly installments are then transferred to the company’s account in Turkey.

Is it permissible for a citizen of the Arab countries to buy and register more than one property in his name in Turkey?

Yes, of course, he has the right to do so, and there is no legal obstacle to him, provided that the area of ​​land or real estate registered in his name does not exceed 2.5 hectares.

Are two or more persons entitled to participate in the ownership of the same property and registration on behalf of all the owners of the property?

Of course, according to the Turkish law on the ownership of foreigners, two or more persons who do not have any family relationship have the right to own the same property.

Is Tapu's written in Arabic or English?

No, all the data written in the deed of ownership of the property is in Turkish because there is no other official language approved in the Turkish Republic. Upon delivery of the bond translates to the foreign buyer some important points by a sworn translator in the Land Department and the Land Registry in the city that has been purchased within Turkey.

In the Turkish construction law there is the so-called "construction according to the new earthquake standards", what is the content of these standards?

After the disaster of the 1999 earthquake that struck the city of İzmit in the Marmara Sea area near Istanbul, the Turkish state suffered heavy losses. The state worked to lay the foundations for new construction in Turkey until an amendment was issued by the Ministry of Labor And the Turkish works in 2007 to impose new standards on building permits in order to avoid a similar disaster in the future, and cut the city of Istanbul to come a long way in this field as all construction companies adhere to these new geological studies and other field application, known as the “TS 500 “And” Yönetmeliği Deprem “. This decision also requires old buildings to repair and strengthen columns and foundations.

Is it possible to come to Turkey by private car and register in Turkey?

It is possible to introduce a foreign car to the Turkish territory through one of the border crossings, without paying any taxes provided that it is taken out of Turkey within six months. Otherwise, the owner of the car must pay a tax based on the type of car. Car from within Turkey for those who wish to stay longer than six months.

Is ownership in Turkey a freehold for life or for a specific period, as in some countries (England and the United Arab Emirates) where the ownership for a period of 99 years?

Ownership in Turkey is a property for life and the alien has the right to inherit the property for his family and to register the heirs in the housing department in the city where the property is located.

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